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​Wouldn't you love it if you MADE your own?

**All custom orders must be received by October 1st for delivery in time for Christmas**


As a person who has a deep appreciation for family history and heirlooms, Michela loves to make custom MADE pieces. ​MADE's custom pieces are a unique way for clients looking to breathe life back into family jewelry that has long since been forgotten. ​

Michela has a unique story of her own treasured family heirloom- Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama she was adopted at birth by Ben and Daphne Bruno. Her mother always encouraged her to find her birth parents. After the death of her parents and many years of contemplating, Michela was blessed with finding her biological father, David Polniak. He was a student at The University of Alabama at the time of her birth, and had no knowledge that she existed. They now have a fairy-tale relationship and a bond that is unbreakable.

Her most treasured family heirloom​ is her Grandmother Flo's Star of David that was given to her by her father. Below is a picture before and after it was MADE. ​​

​If you have a piece that you are interested in having MADE, please use the contact tab or send us an email at

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